To Mull Wine

An excellent French Receipt


  • Water, wineglassful
  • spice, ¼ oz.,
  • of which fine cloves, 24, and of remainder, rather more ginger than cinnamon
  • sugar 3 oz.: 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Port wine or claret, 1 pint
  • orange-rind, if used, to be boiled with the spice.


Boil in a wineglassful and a half of water, a quarter of an ounce of spice (cinnamon, ginger slightly bruised, and cloves), with three ounces of fine sugar, until they form a thick syrup, which must not on any account be allowed to burn. Pour in a pint of port wine, and stir it gently until it is on the point of boiling only: it should then be served immediately. The addition of a strip or two of orange-rind cut extremely thin, gives to this beverage the flavour of bishop. In France light claret takes the place of port wine in making it, and the better kinds of vin ordinaire are very palatable thus prepared.

Obs.—Sherry, or very fine raisin or ginger wine, prepared as above, and stirred hot to the yolks of four fresh eggs, will make good egg-wine