A Birthday Syllabub


  • Juice of lemons, 2
  • sugar, Β½ lb. or more
  • Port wine, 1 pint
  • sherry 1 pint
  • brandy, Β½ pint
  • nutmeg, 1
  • milk from the cow, 2 quarts.


Put into a large bowl half a pound of sugar broken small, and pour on it the strained juice of a couple of fresh lemons; stir these well together, and add to them a pint of port wine, a pint of sherry, and half a pint of brandy; grate in a fine nutmeg, place the bowl under the cow, and milk it full. In serving it put a portion of the curd into each glass, fill it up with whey, and pour a little rich cream on the top. The rind of a lemon may be rasped on part of the sugar when the flavour is liked, but it is not usually added.

Obs.β€” We can testify to the excellence of this receipt.