Geneva Rolls, or Buns

Baked 20 to 30 minutes


  • Flour, 2 lbs.
  • butter, 3 oz.
  • solid yeast, 1 large tablespoonful (saffron, 1 teaspoonful water, less than a quarter pint)
  • new milk, 1 pint: 1 hour, or more. 2 eggs, more milk: ½ hour.


Break down into very small crumbs three ounces of butter with two pounds of flour; add a little salt, and set the sponge with a large tablespoonful of solid yeast, mixed with a pint of new milk, and a tablespoonful or more of strong saffron water; let it rise for a full hour, then stir to a couple of well-beaten eggs as much hot milk as will render them lukewarm, and wet the rolls with them to a light, lithe dough; leave it from half to three-quarters of an hour longer, mould it into small rolls, brush them with beaten yolk of egg, and bake them from twenty minutes to half an hour. The addition of six ounces of good sugar, three of butter, half a pound or more of currants, the grated rind of a large lemon, and a couple of ounces of candied orange-rind, will convert these into excellent buns. When the flavour of the saffron is not liked, omit it altogether. Only so much should be used at any time as will give a rich colour to the read bread