To Fry Salmon and Other Fish in Oil

To Serve Cold

Fillets of fish 5 to 10 minutes.


  • Olive oil, 1 small flask
  • salmon, about lbs.: ½ hour or rather more.


Turn into a small deep frying-pan, which should be kept for the purpose, a flask of fresh olive oil, place it over a clear fire, and as soon as it ceases to bubble lay in a pound and a half of delicate salmon properly cleansed and well dried in a cloth, and fry it gently until it is cooked quite through. The surface should be only lightly browned, and when the proper colour is attained the pan must be lifted so high from the fire as to prevent it being deepened, as we have directed in Chapter IX. in the general instructions for frying. Drain the fish well when it is done, and when it is perfectly cold, dish, and garnish it with light foliage. The Jews have cold fried fish much served at their repasts. Fillets of soles, plaice, brill, small turbots, or other flat fish, may be fried as above, and arranged in a symmetrical form round a portion of a larger fish, or by themselves. We would recommend as an accompaniment one of the Mauritian chutnies which are to be found in this chapter.

Obs.—The oil should be strained through a sieve, and set aside as the fish is done; it will serve many times for frying if this be observed.

* It may be had at the same shops as the smoked beef, and is the same price—a shilling the pound.