Simple Turkish or Arabian Pilaw

From Mr. Lane, the Oriental Traveller


“Piláw or piláu is made by boiling rice in plenty of water for about twenty minutes, so that the water drains off easily, leaving the grains whole, and with some degree of hardness; then stirring it up with a little butter, just enough to make the grains separate easily, and seasoning it with salt and pepper. Often a fowl, boiled almost o rags, is laid upon the top. Sometimes small morsels of fried or toasted mutton or lamb are mixed up with it; and there are many ther additions; but generally the Turks and Arabs add nothing to be rice but the butter, and salt, and pepper.”

Obs.— We are indebted to the courtesy of Mr. Lane for this receipt, which was procured from him for us by one of his friends.