Tasmanian Crayfish, Wilted Day Lilies


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By Peter Gilmore

Published 2014

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Crayfish Consommé

Make a quantity of umami consommé using the recipe, replacing 500 g (1 lb 2 oz) squid trimmings with 1 kg (2 lb 4 oz) crayfish legs and head shells, crushed. When making the raft, replace 150 g ( oz) dried chestnut mushrooms, 20 g (¾ oz) dried kombu and 20 g (¾ oz) dried wakame with 50 g ( oz) ginger, thinly sliced and 100 g ( oz) spring onions, thinly sliced, adding the ginger and spring onions to the chicken in the food processor. Cool the consommé and refrigerate until required.

To Finish

  • 2 kg (4 lb 8 oz) crayfish
  • 40 just-picked day lilies sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons xantana (fermented cornstarch)

Submerge the crayfish into a deep water bath with plenty of ice, for half an hour to help humanely dispatch the crayfish.

Bring a large stockpot of salted water to the boil. Blanch the crayfish for 3 minutes and immediately return to the iced water. Once the crayfish is chilled, remove the tail section.

Cut along both sides of the underside of the tail with a sharp pair of scissors and lever out the meat with your fingers. Remove the legs and crack the shells with the back of a heavy knife. Carefully pick out all of the leg meat. Refrigerate. Use a sharp knife to cut the tail meat in half lengthways and slice each half into 2 mm (1/16 inch) thick medallions. Refrigerate until required.

Carefully separate the day lily petals from the stems. Set aside until required.

Bring the crayfish consommé to the boil and reduce until you only have 1 litre (35 fl oz) remaining. Check the seasoning at this point and add more salt if required.

Transfer 100 ml ( fl oz) of the consommé into a small bowl. Sprinkle the xantana over the top and whisk well until smooth. Pour this back into the hot consommé, whisking over heat until well combined. Simmer for 2 minutes on medium heat, whisking constantly until you get a light syrupy consistency. Keep warm.

To Plate

  • 50 g ( oz) unsalted butter sea salt

Heat 500 ml (17 fl oz) of the thickened consommé in each of two large woks or wide-based saucepans until they both reach a gentle simmer. Put the crayfish medallions and leg meat with the butter into one wok and the day lily petals into the other wok. Stir the crayfish through the simmering liquid for approximately 1½ minutes until it turns opaque. Stir the day lilies for approximately the same amount of time. Check the seasoning on the crayfish and season lightly with the sea salt if required. Use a slotted spoon to layer an even amount of crayfish flesh and day lilies into each warmed serving bowl. Serve.