Stuffed Baked Potatoes


U.S. Metric Ingredients
10 10 Baking potatoes, 7–8 oz (200–225 g) each
2 oz 60 g Butter, melted
4 oz 100 mL Light cream or milk, hot
to taste to taste Salt
to taste to taste White pepper
3 tbsp 45 mL Dry bread crumbs
1 oz 30 g Butter, melted
3 tbsp 45 mL Parmesan cheese, grated



  1. Bake the potatoes according to the basic method.
  2. Remove from the oven. Cut a slice off the top of each potato and scoop out the pulp, leaving a shell about ¼-in. (½-cm) thick.
  3. Pass the pulp through a food mill or ricer. Beat in the butter and enough cream or milk to make a smooth purée. Season to taste. (Note that this preparation is basically the same as whipped potatoes.)
  4. Fill the potato shells with the purée, using a pastry bag or kitchen spoon. (A pastry bag is faster and neater.) Place them on a baking sheet.
  5. Mix the bread crumbs and melted butter until all the crumbs are moistened. Then mix in the parmesan cheese and top the potatoes with this mixture.
  6. Place in hot oven (400°F/200°C) until potatoes are heated through and tops are browned, about 15 minutes.

Per serving: Calories, 270; Protein, 5 g; Fat, 10 g (32% cal.); Cholesterol, 30 mg; Carbohydrates, 42 g; Fiber, 4 g; Sodium, 140 mg.


For each variation listed, add the indicated ingredients to the potato purée mixture. Proportions are for 2½–3 lb (1.1–1.4 kg) purée.

  1. 2 oz (60 g) grated parmesan cheese
  2. 8 oz (225 g) minced onion, sautéed in butter
  3. 4 oz (100 g) cooked ham, small dice

    4 oz (100 g) mushrooms, chopped and sautéed in butter

  4. 8 oz (225 g) bacon, diced and cooked crisp

    1 green pepper, chopped and sautéed in butter or bacon fat

Macaire Potatoes

Scoop out the pulp completely and discard the skins. Mash the pulp with a kitchen fork or break it up with the paddle of a mixer. Omit the melted butter and cream or milk. Instead, mix in 7 oz (200 g) soft butter. Season. Form into small cakes and pan-fry in clarified butter until golden brown on both sides.