French Potato Salad



U.S. Metric Ingredients
lb 1.75 kg Waxy potatoes
4 fl oz 125 mL Salad oil
3 fl oz 90 mL Wine vinegar (white or red)
2 oz 60 g Onions or shallots, chopped fine
tsp 0.5 mL Garlic, chopped fine
2 tbsp 30 mL Chopped parsley
tsp 7 mL Dried tarragon
to taste to taste Salt
to taste to taste Pepper



  1. Scrub the potatoes. Steam or boil until tender, but do not overcook.
  2. Drain the potatoes. Leave in the colander or spread out on a sheet pan until cool enough to handle.
  3. Peel the potatoes while still hot. Cut into slices ¼-in. (0.5-cm) thick or into ½-in. (1-cm) dice.
  4. Mix the potatoes with the remaining ingredients. Allow to stand at least 15 minutes while the potatoes absorb the dressing.
  5. Serve warm or cold. This salad is a popular accompaniment to hot cooked sausages.

Per serving: Calories, 180; Protein, 2 g; Fat, 9 g (46% cal.); Cholesterol, 0 mg; Carbohydrates, 22 g; Fiber, 2 g; Sodium, 5 mg.


Hot German Potato Salad

Omit oil and tarragon from the basic recipe. Cook 4 oz (125 g) diced bacon until crisp. Add the bacon, the bacon fat, and 4 fl oz (125 mL) hot chicken stock to the dressing ingredients. (More stock may be needed if the potatoes absorb a great deal.) Place the mixed salad in a hotel pan, cover, and heat in a 300°F (150°C) oven about 30 minutes. Serve hot.