Warm Caramelized Butter (Ghee) Foam

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    1¼ cups

    liquid; twice as much when converted into foam

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By James Peterson

Published 1991

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Ghee, or caramelized butter (sometimes called beurre noisette) in which the milk solids have been allowed to brown, lends a nutty, buttery flavor to all manner of sauces and foams. Normally, ghee doesn’t dissolve in water or other liquid. However, in the presence of the right compounds (such as egg yolks or certain hydrocolloids such as the sucrose esters used here) it can be used to create an emulsion.


heavy cream ¼ cup 60 ml
skim milk ¼ cup 60 ml
sucrose esters 0.7 g
ghee (Beurre Noisette), warm but not hot ¾ cup 175 ml


Combine the cream and skim milk and warm over medium heat; do not boil. Off the heat, blend in the sucrose esters. Once the sucrose esters have been incorporated, blend in the ghee in a steady stream. Chill overnight in a whipping siphon. The next morning, warm in a sous vide immersion bath at 95°F (35°C) for about an hour before piping to serve.