A Bisk otherways

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The Accomplisht Cook

By Robert May

Published 1660

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Take a Leg of Beef, cut it into two peices, and boil it in a gallon or five quarts of water, scum it, and about half an hour after put in a knuckle of Veal, and scum it also, boil it from five quarts to two quarts or less; and being three quarters boil’d, put in some Salt, and some Cloves, and Mace, being through boil’d, strain it from the meat, and keep the broth for your use in a pipkin.

Then have eight Marrow bones clean scraped from the flesh, and finely cracked over the middle, boil in water and salt three of them, and the other leave for garnish, to be boil’d in strong broth; and laid on the top of the Bisk when it is dished.

Again boil your Fowl in water and Salt, Teals, Partridges, Pidgeons, Plovers, Quails, Larks.

Then have a Joint of Mutton made into balls with sweet Herbs, Salt, Nutmeggs, grated Bread, Eggs, Suit, a Clove or two of Garlick, and Pistaches, boil’d in Broth, with some interlarded Bacon, Sheeps tongues, larded and stewed, as also some Artichocks, Marrow, Pistaches, Sweet-Breads and Lambs-stones in strong broth, and Mace a clove or two, some white-wine and strained almonds, or with the yolk of an Egg, Verjuyce, beaten butter, and slic’t Lemon, or Grapes whole.

Then have fryed Clary, and fryed Pistaches in yolks of Eggs.

Then Carved Lemons over all.