To Make Another Curious Boil’d Meat, much like a Bisk

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The Accomplisht Cook

By Robert May

Published 1660

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Take a Rack of Mutton, cut it in four peices, and boil it in three quarts of fair Water in a Pipkin, with a faggot of sweet Herbs very hard and close bound up from end to end, scum your broth and put in some salt: Then about half an hour after put in thre chickens finely scalded and trust, three Patridges boiled in water, the blood being well soaked out of them, and put to them also three or four blades of large Mace.

Then have all manner of sweet herbs, as Parsley, Time, Savory, Marjorim, Sorrel, Sage; these being finely picked, bruise them with the back of a ladle, and a little before you dish up your boil’d meat, put them to your broth, and give them a walm or two.

Again, for the top of your boil’d meat or garnish, have a pound of interlarded Bacon in thin slices, put them in a pipkin with six marrow-bones, and twelve bottoms of yong Artichocks, and some six sweet-breads of veal, strong broth, Mace, Nutmeg, some Goosberries or Barberries, some Butter and Pistaches.

These things aforesaid being ready, and dinner called for, take a fine clean scoured dish and garnish it with Pistaches and Artichocks, carved Lemon, Grapes, and large Mace.

Then have sippets finely carved, and some slices of French bread in the bottom of the dish, dish three pieces of Mutton, and one in the middle, and between the mutton three Chickens, and up in the middle, the Partridge, and pour on the broth with your herbs, then put on your pipkin over all, of Marrow, Artichocks, and the other materials, then Carved Lemon, Barberries and beaten Butter over all, your carved sippets round the dish.