To Boil a Chine of Veal, Whole, or in Peices


Boil it in water, salt, or in strong broth with a faggot of sweet Herbs, Capers, Mace, Salt, and interlarded Bacon in thin slices, and some Oyster liquor.

Your Chines being finely boiled, have some stewed Oysters by themselves with some Mace and fine onions whole, some vinegar, butter, and pepper &c.

Then have Cucumbers boiled by themselves in water and salt, or pickled Cucumbers boiled in water, and put in beaten Butter, and Cabbidge-lettice, boiled also in fair water, and put in beaten Butter.

Then dish your Chines on sippits, broth them, and put on your stewed Oysters, Cucumbers, Lettice, and parboil’d Grapes, Boclites, or slic’t lemon, and run it over with beaten Butter.