Stewed Broth


To make stewd Broth, the Meat most proper for it is.

A leg of Beef, Marrow-bones, Capon, or a Loin or Rack of Mutton or a knuckle of Veal.

Take a knuckle of Veal, a Joynt of Mutton, two Marrow bones, a Capon, boil them in fresh water, and scum them; then put in a bundle of sweet herbs well bound up or none, large Mace, whole Cinamon, and Ginger bruised, and put in a littlerag, the spice being a little bruised also. Then beat some Oatmeale, strain it, and put it to your broth, then have boil’d Prunes and Currans strained also and put it to your broth, with some whole raisons and currans; and boil not your fruit too much: then about half an hour before you dish your meat, put in a pint of Claret Wine and Sugar, then dish up your meat on fine sippits, and broth it.

Garnish your dish with Lemons, prunes, Mace, raisins, Currans, and Sugar.

You may add to the former Broth, Fennel-roots and Parsley roots tied up in a bundle.