To boil a leg of Veal


Stuff it with beef-suet, and sweet herbs chopped, nutmeg, salt, and boil it in fair water and salt.

Then take some of the broth, and put to some capers, currans, large mace, a piece of interlarded Bacon, two or three whole Cloves, pieces of pears, and some artichock-suckers boil’d and put in beaten butter, boil’d marrow and mace. Then before you dish it up, have sorrel, sage, parsley, time, sweet marjoram coursely minced, with two or three cuts of a knife, and bruised with the back of a ladle on a clean board, put it to your broth to make it green, and give it a warm or two. Then dish up the leg of veal on fine carved sippets, pour on the broth, and then your other materials, some Goosberries, or Barberries, beaten butter and lemon.