3. To boil a leg of Veal otherwise with rice, or a Knuckle


Boil it in a pipkin, put some salt to it, and scum it; then put to it some mace and some rice finely picked and washed, some raisins of the sun and gravy; and being fine and tender boil’d, put in some saffron and serve it on fine carved sippets, with the rice over all.

Otherways with past cut like small lard, boil it in thin broth and saffron.

Otherways in white broth, and with fruit, spinage, sweet herbs and gooseberries, &c.

To make all manner of forc’t meats, or stuffings for any kind of Meats; as Leggs, Breasts, Shoulders, Loins or Racks; or for any Poultry or Fowl whatsoever, boil’d, rost, stewed, or baked; or boil’d in bags, round like a quaking Pudding in a napkin.