Other forcing of Veal or Pork, Mutton, Lamb, Venison, Land, or Sea Foul

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The Accomplisht Cook

By Robert May

Published 1660

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Mince them with beef-suet or lard, and season them with pepper, cloves, mace, and some sweet herbs grated, Bolonia sausages, yolks of eggs, grated cheese, salt, &c.

Other stuffings or forcings of grated cheese, calves brains, or any brains, as pork, goat, Kid or Lamb, or any venison, or pigs brains, with some beaten nutmeg, pepper, salt, ginger, cloves, saffron, sweet herbs, eggs, Gooseberries, or grapes.

Other forcing of calves udder boiled and cold, and stamped with almond past, cheese-curds, sugar, cinamon, ginger, mace cream, salt, raw eggs, and some marrow or butter, &c.