Other grand or forc’t Dish


Take hard eggs, and part the yolks and whites in halves, then take the yolks and mince them, or stamp them in a Mortar, with marchpane stuff, and sweet herbs chopped very small, and put amongst the eggs or past, with sugar and cinamon fine beaten, put some currans also to them, and mingle all together with salt, fill the whites, and set them by.

Then have preserved oranges canded, and fill them with marchpane paste and sugar, and set them by also.

Then have the tops of sparagus boil’d, and mixed with butter, a little sack, and set them by also.

Then have boild chesnuts peeled and pistaches, and set them by also.

Then have marrow steeped first in rose-water, then fried in Butter, set that by also.

Then have green quodlings slic’t, mixt with bisket bread & egg, and fried in little cakes, and set that by also.

Then have sweet-breads, or lamb-stones, and yolks of hard eggs fryed, &c. and dipped in Butter.

Then have small turtle doves, and pigeon peepers and chicken-peepers fried, or finely rosted or boiled, and set them by, or any small birds, and some artichocks, and potato’s boil’d and fried in Butter, and some balls as big as a walnut, or less, made of parmisan, and dipped in butter, and fried.

Then last of all, put them all in a great charger, the chickens or fowls in the middle, then lay a lay of sweetbreads, then a lay of bottoms of artichocks, and the marrow; on them some preserved oranges.

Then next some hard eggs round that, fried sparagus, yolks of eggs, chesnuts, and pistaches, then your green quodlings stuffed: the charger being full, put to them marrow all over the meat, and juyce of orange, and make a sauce of strained almonds, grapes, and verjuyce; and being a little stewed in the oven, dry it, &c.