To boil any Land Fowl, as Turkey, Bustard, Pheasant, Peacock, Partridge, or the like

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The Accomplisht Cook

By Robert May

Published 1660

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Take a Turkey and flay off the skin, leave the legs and rumps whole, then mince the flesh raw with some beef-suet or lard, season it with nutmeg, pepper, salt, and some minced sweet herbs, then put to it some yolks of raw eggs, and mingle all together, with two bottoms of boil’d artichocks, roasted chesnuts blanched, some marrow, and some boil’d skirrets or parsnips cut like dice, or some pleasant pears, and yolks of hard eggs in quarters, some gooseberries, grapes, or barberries; fill the skin and prick it up in the back, stew it in a stewing-pan or deep dish, and cover it with another; but first put some strong broth to it, some marrow artichocks boil’d and quartered, large mace, white wine, chesnuts, quarters of pears, salt, grapes, barberries, and some of the meat made up in balls stewed with the Turkey being finely boil’d or stewed, serve it on fine carved sippets, broth it, and lay on the garnish with slices of lemon, and whole lemon-Peel, run it over with beaten butter, and garnish the dish with chesnuts, yolks of hard eggs, and large mace.

For the lears of thickening, yolks of hard eggs strained with some of the broth, or strained almond past with some of the broth, or else strained bread and sorrel.

Otherways you may boil the former fowls either bon’d and trust up with a farsing of some minc’d veal or mutton, and seasoned as the former in all points, with those materials, or boil it with the bones in being trust up. A turkey to bake, and break the bones.

Otherways bone the fowl, and fill the body with the foresaid farsing, or make a pudding of grated bread, minced suet of beef or veal, seasoned with cloves, mace, pepper, salt, and grapes, fill the body, and prick up the back, and stew it as is aforesaid.

Or make the pudding of grated bread beef-suet minc’d some currans, nutmegs, cloves, sugar, sweet herbs, salt, juyce of spinage; if yellow, saffron, some minced meat, cream, eggs, and barberries: fill the fowl and stew it in mutton broth & white wine, with the gizzard, liver, and bones, stew it down well, then have some artichock bottoms boil’d and quarter’d, some potatoes boil’d and blanch’d, and some dates quarter’d, and some marrow boil’d in water and salt; for the garnish some boil’d skirret or pleasant pears. Then make a lear of almond paste strained with mutton broth, for the thickning of the former broth.

Otherways simple, being stuffed with parsley, serve it in with butter, vinegar, and parsley, boil’d and minced; as also bacon boil’d on it, or about it, in two pieces; and two saucers of green sauce.

Or otherways for variety, boil your fowl in water and salt, then take strong broth, and put in a faggot of sweet herbs, mace, marrow, cucumber slic’t, and thin slices of interlarded bacon, and salt, &c.