To boil a Capon or Chicken in the French Fashion, with Skirrets or French Beans


Take a capon and boil it in fair water with a little salt, and a faggot of tyme and rosemary bound up hard, some parsley and fennil-roots, being picked and finely cleansed, and two or three blades of large mace; being almost boil’d, put in two whole onions boil’d and strained with oyster liquor, a little verjuyce, grated bread, and some beaten pepper, give it a warm or two, and serve the capon or chicken on fine carved sippets. Garnish it with orange peel boil’d in strong broth, and some French beans boil’d, and put in thick butter, or some skirret, cardones, artichocks, slic’t lemon, mace, or orange.