To boil all manner of small Birds, or Land Fowl, as Plovers, Quails, Rails, Black-birds, Thrushes, Snites, Wheat-ears, Larks, Sparrows, Martins


Take them and truss them, or cut off the legs & heads, and boil them in strong broth or water, scum them, and put in large mace, white-wine, washed currans, dates, marrow, pepper, and salt; being well stewed, dish them on fine carved sippets, thicken the broth with strained almonds, rose-water, and sugar, and garnish them with lemon, barberries, sugar, or grated bread strewed about the dish. For Leir otherways, strained bread and hard eggs, with verjuyce and broth.

Sometimes for variety garnish them with potatoes, farsings, or little balls of farsed manchet.