To boil Pigeons otherways


Being trussed, put them in a pipkin, with some strong broth or fair water, boil and scum them, then put in some mace, a faggot of sweet herbs, white endive, marigold flowers, and salt; and being finely boiled, serve them on sippets, and garnish the dish with mace and white endive flowers.

Otherways you may add Cucumbers in quarters either pickled or fresh, and some pickled capers; or boil the cucumbers by themselves, and put them in beaten butter, and sweet herbs chopped small.

Or boil them with capers, samphire, mace, nutmeg, spinage, endive, and a rack or chine of mutton boil’d with them.

Or else with capers, mace, salt, and sweet herbs in a faggot; then have some cabbidge or colliflowers boil’d very tender in fair water and salt, pour away the water, and put them in beaten butter, and when the fowls be boil’d, serve the cabbidge on them.