Other Capilotado common


Take two pound of parmisan grated, a minced kidney of veal, a pound of other fat cheese, ten cloves of garlick boil’d, broth or none, two capons minced and stamped, rost or boil’d, and put to it ten yolks of eggs raw, with a pound of sugar: temper the foresaid with strong broth, and boil all in a broad skillet or brass pan, in the boiling stir it continually till it be incorporated, and put to it an ounce of cinamon, a little pepper, half an ounce of cloves, and as much nutmeg beaten, some saffron; then break up your roast fowls, roast lamb, kid, or fried veal, make three bottoms, and set it into a warm oven, till you serve it in, &c.