To boil all manner of Sea Fowls, as Swan, Whopper, Geese, Ducks, Teels. &c


Put your fowl being cleansed and trussed into a pipkin fit for it, and boil it with strong broth or fair spring water, scum it clean, and put in three or four slic’t onions, some large mace, currans, raisins, some capers, a bundle of sweet herbs, grated or strained bread, white-wine, two or three cloves, and pepper; being finely boil’d, slash it on the breast, and dish it on fine carved sippets; broth it, and lay on slic’t lemon and a lemon peel, barberries or grapes, run it over with beaten butter, sugar, or ginger, and trim the dish sides with grated bread in place of the beaten ginger.