To marinate Oxe-Cheeks


Being boned, roast or stew them very tender in a pipkin with some claret, slic’t nutmegs, pepper, salt, and wine-vinegar; being tender stewed, take them up, and put to the liquor in a pipkin a quart of wine-vinegar, and a quart of white-wine, boil it with some bay leaves, whole pepper, a bundle of rosemary, tyme, sweet marjoram, savory, sage, and parsley, bind them very hard the streightest sprigs, boil also in the liquor large mace, cloves, slic’t ginger, slic’t nutmegs and salt; then put the cheeks into the barrel, and put the liquor to them, and some slic’t lemons, close up the head and keep them. Thus you may do four or five heads together, and serve them hot or cold.