An hundred and twelve excellent wayes for the dressing of Beef: Otherways


For greater service two udders and two tongues finely blanched and served whole.

Sometimes for variety you may make brewis with some fresh beef or good mutton broth, with some of the fat of the beef-pot; put it in a pipkin with some large mace, a handful of parsley and sorrel grosly chopped, and some pepper, boil them together, and scald the bread, then lay on the boil’d tongue, mace, and some of the herbs, run it over with beaten butter, slic’t lemon, gooseberries, barberries, or grapes.

Or for change, put some pared turnips boiling in fair water, & being tender boil’d, drain the water from them, dish them in a clean dish, and run them over with beaten butter, dish your tongues and udders on them, and your colliflowers on the tongues and udders, run them over with beaten butter; or in place of colliflowers, carrots in thin quarters, or sometimes on turnips and great boil’d onions, or butter’d cabbidge and carrots, or parsnips, and carrots buttered.