Sauces for red Deer


  1. The gravy and sweet herbs chopped small and boil’d together, or the gravy only.
  2. The juyce of oranges or lemons, and gravy.
  3. A Gallendine sauce made with strained bread, vinegar, claret wine, cinamon, ginger, and sugar; strain it, and being finely beaten with the spices boil it up with a few whole cloves and a sprig of rosemary.
  4. White bread boil’d in water pretty thick without spices, and put to it some butter, vinegar, and sugar.

If you will stuff or farse any venison, stick them with rosemary, tyme, savory, or cloves, or else with all manner of sweet herbs, minced with beef-suet, lay the caul over the side or half hanch, and so roast it.