Pickled Quinces the best way

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The Accomplisht Cook

By Robert May

Published 1660

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  1. Take Quinces not cored nor pared, boil them in fair water not too tender, and put them in a barrel, fill it up with their liquor, and close on the head.
  2. Pare them and boil them with white-wine, whole cloves, cinamon, and slic’t ginger, barrel them up and keep them.
  3. In the juyce of sweet apples, not cored, but wiped, and put up raw.
  4. In white-wine barrel’d up raw.
  5. Being pared and cored, boil them up in sweet-wort and sugar, keep them in a glazed pipkin close covered.
  6. Core them and save the cores, cut some of the crab-quinces, and boil them after the Quinces be parboil’d & taken up; then boil the cores, and some of the crab-quinces in quarters, the liquor being boild strain it thorow a strainer, put it in a barrel with the quinces, and close up the barrel.