To bake a Loin, Breast, or Rack of Veal or Mutton


If you bake it with the bones, joynt a loin very well and season it with nutmeg, pepper, and salt, put it in your pye, and put butter to it, close it up, and bake it in good crust, and liquor it with sweet butter.

Thus also you may bake the brest, either in pye or pasty, as also the rack or shoulder, being stuffed with sweet herbs, and fat of beef minced together and baked either in pye or pasty.

In the summer time you may add to it spinage, gooseberries, grapes, barberries, or slic’t lemon, and in winter, prunes, and currans, or raisins, and liquor it with butter, sugar, and verjuyce.