To make a Quince Pye otherways


Take Quinces and preserve them, being first coared and pared, then make a sirrup of fine sugar and spring water, take as much as the Quinces weigh, and to every pound of sugar a pint of fair water, make your sirrup in a preserving pan; being scumm’d and boil’d to sirrup, put in the quinces, boil them up till they be well coloured, & being cold, bake them in pyes whole or in halves, in a round tart, dish, or patty-pan with a cut cover, or in quarters; being baked put in the same sirrup, but before you bake them, put in more fine sugar, and leave the sirrups to put in afterwards, then ice it.

Thus you may do of any curnel’d fruits, as wardens, pippins pears, pearmains, green quodlings, or any good apples, in laid tarts, or cuts.