To make a made Dish of Oysters and other Compounds


Take oysters, cockles, prawns, craw-fish, and shrimps, being finely cleans’d from the grit, season them with nutmeg, pepper, and salt, next have chesnuts roasted, and blanch’t, skerrets boil’d, blanched and seasoned; then have a dish or patty-pan ready with a sheet of cool butter paste, lay some butter on it, then the fishes, and on them the skirrets, chesnuts, pistaches, slic’t lemon, large mace, barberries, and butter; close it up and bake it, and being baked, fill it up with beaten butter, beat with juyce of oranges, and some white-wine, or beaten butter with a little wine-vinegar, verjuyce, or juyce of green grapes, or a little good fresh fish broth, cut it up and liquor it, lay on the cover or cut it into four or five pieces, lay it round the dish, and serve it hot.