Timbale Amelia

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The Great Ice Cream Book

The Great Ice Cream Book

By Jon Croft

Published 1984

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Billesley Manor,
Stratford -upon-Avon

Chef Ian Whittock


For the Langues du Chat

  • oz. (110 g.) butter
  • oz. (110 g.) castor sugar
  • oz. (110 g.) egg whites
  • oz. (110 g.) medium flour vanilla flavouring

For the peach ice cream

  • 4 peaches, cooked
  • 2 oz. (50 g.) castor sugar
  • 5 fl.oz. (150 ml.) double cream
  • 5 fl.oz. (150 ml.) milk
  • 8 large yellow peaches
  • fresh or tinned raspberries
  • Sauce Anglaise
  • poached apricots for garnish


Make the langues du chat, by blending all the ingredients together. Spoon the mix onto a buttered and floured tray, 1 spoon at a time. Bake in a hot oven until lightly browned. While still hot, mould the mix over 8 cups until cold.

Poach the 8 peaches and cut enough to remove the stone.

Make the ice cream by bringing the milk and cream just to the boil. Pulp the 4 peaches and add the sugar. Pour on the hot milk and cream and mix thoroughly until cold. Place in an ice cream machine or deep freeze.

To serve, fill each peach with the ice cream and place in the biscuit. Garnish with four halves of poached apricots and two rosettes of cream and chervil. For the sauce, pulp the raspberries and add sugar to taste and pour around the biscuit. Pipe three rings of the sauce Anglaise on and drag with a knife to make a pattern. You can, if you are feeling very keen, cover the basket with a similar shape of spun sugar to make a lid.