Scallop and Bacon Kebab

I first tasted this cooked out of doors by Johnnie Noble at his Loch Fyne Seafood Festival. Whether it was the undoubted quality of his scallops, the taste of the Ayrshire bacon or the scenic beauty, it seemed to me I could happily spend eternity eating this dish. To hell with ambrosia!

Any simple dish is only as good as the quality of its ingredients. You may be restrained by your locality as to the scallops, but there is nowhere in Great Britain where you cannot buy fine bacon if you look for it. Eschew imported bacon (I do not include pancetta in this proviso). Try to avoid the pre-packed variety and buy it medium sliced.


Per Skewer

  • 4 queen scallops or 2 king scallops cut in half
  • bacon rashers
  • 4 slices of strong onion


Wrap each scallop in bacon and slide on to the skewer, inserting a piece of onion between each scallop.

Cook over a charcoal fire or under the grill until the bacon is cooked, turning from time to time. Devour.