Strawberry and Chocolate Fondue

Fondues were always a feature of my childhood, as we went skiing every year. I loved the suspense of not dropping my dipper. As I got older I loved the bottle of wine when someone else dropped theirs and the alternative of the kiss from some snow-bronzed hunk. Today I just like fondues.


  • 350 g/12 oz plain dark chocolate
  • 225 ml/8 fl oz double cream
  • 2 tbsp brandy or rum
  • a bowl of strawberries, unhulled


In your fondue bowl melt the chocolate and cream together, then slowly stir in the alcohol. If, like me, you are allergic to alcohol, either use orange juice with a dash of balsamic vinegar or boil the alcohol separately before adding it to the fondue.

Holding your strawberry by the stalk, dip it into the mixture and twirl it about. Remember the penalty if you drop it. Pause a moment to allow the chocolate to cool slightly and then devour.