Potato Salad

A really good potato salad, green with herbs and well dressed – not that disgusting mess that is sold in tubs, covered in some terrible white glue – is always a welcome dish outdoors.


If you can, buy new Jersey potatoes, which to my mind cannot be beaten. But whichever potatoes you buy, let them be firm and waxy. Simply boil them in their skins. Have ready a large bowl with a sufficient quantity of best olive oil to dress the amount of potatoes you have cooked generously, and season with salt, freshly ground pepper and the tiniest bit of white wine vinegar. Peel the potatoes when cool enough to handle and place immediately in the dressing. Wait until they are cold if you wish to cut them smaller, or they tend to crumble.

Now the all-important part. Chop a vast bunch of parsley, tarragon, chives and spring onions fairly finely and mix into the potatoes. The scent from the resulting mixture is wonderful. Finely grated lemon rind sprinkled on top is another fragrant addition.