The Guild-Master’s Tripe Soup

Işkembe Çorbası

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Yashim Cooks Istanbul

Yashim Cooks Istanbul

By Jason Goodwin

Published 2016

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Tripe is an acquired taste. It is rude and lusty and off-colour, which is why we should not abandon it in an age of processed food. Just a few generations ago people were intensely interested in animal innards. Offal, bone and sinew gave them food to eat, musical instruments to play, and footballs to kick around.

Even in Yashim’s time tripe was hardcore. The soup was sold in Istanbul as a hangover cure, which is why the tripe soup shops stay open all night and close before lunch. But the ingredients are cheap and the method is simple, so if you can’t take it, nothing much is lost.


  • beef tripe 1 kg/2 lb, washed
  • garlic 6 cloves
  • juice of lemon 1
  • olive oil
  • salt 1 tsp
  • butter 50 g/2 oz
  • plain flour 50 g/2 oz
  • milk 200 ml/¾ cup
  • red pepper flakes 2 tsp
  • white wine vinegar 2 tbsp


  • Put the tripe, salt, four cloves of garlic, the juice of a lemon and a splash of olive oil in a pan. Add the salt. Cover with water and bring it to the boil. Lower the heat and simmer for four hours, skimming off any scum, until the tripe is tender. Add more water if necessary to keep the tripe submerged.
  • Take out the tripe, reserving the cooking liquid, and let it cool. Cut it into 1-inch pieces.
  • In another pan melt the butter, stir in the flour, and cook for a couple of minutes. Then, stirring continuously, gradually add the tripe liquid.
  • Add the milk and the chopped tripe. Cover and simmer for 30 minutes.
  • Serve piping hot with a topping of pul biber flakes and the remaining garlic, chopped and mixed with vinegar.