xv The kinds of beef usually used for soup

Sorta govjadiny, upotrebljaemye na sup voobshche

Soup may be prepared from various cuts of beef, according to circumstance. For example:
  • a) For clear, strong bouillon use beef round (bedro). For a thinner bouillon, use beef from the rump, round, or shank, etc. (ssek, kostrets, Oguzok, podbederok, and buldyshka).*
  • b) If the beef for the bouillon (or bul’i as it is called) will be served as a second course, use 5–6 lbs of sirloin. For a lesser quality bul’i use the end cut of the rump or round. In that case, prepare soup for two days. The first day serve the boiled beef as a second course, and the next day with some sort of sauce, or in stew.