To store fish, domestic birds, and wild fowl in the ice house

Kak sberegat’ na lednike rybu, a takzhe domashnikh i dikikh ptits

Prepare a box with a close-fitting lid. Drill a hole in the bottom of the box, then bury the box completely in ice. Half-fill the interior of the box with pieces of ice, sprinkle salt on top, and pound the ice with a wooden mallet. Spread a thin layer of straw on top and cover the entire length and width of the surface with a simple oilcloth. Freshly slaughtered domestic birds, plucked and cleaned, may be stored on this oilcloth for several days.

Treat wild fowl in the same manner, but they will keep longer if they are not eviscerated. Arrange the birds in the box so that they do not touch one another. Fish are treated exactly the same.