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Oxford Companion to Wine

Oxford Companion to Wine

By Jancis Robinson

Published 2006

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Vine-growers all over the world are experimenting with Nebbiolo. The results often lack the haunting aromas that characterize the variety but isolated examples in regions as far apart as Oregon, Washington state, and Australia’s King Valley in Victoria suggest the quest may not be fruitless. Nebbiolo has so far somewhat reluctantly accompanied Barbera to both North and South America (including Mexico). In California, Sangiovese has proved generally more successful but there were 165 acres/67 ha of Nebbiolo in the ground in 2012. High yields have tended to subsume the variety’s quality in South America. The few hundred hectares planted in Argentina are mainly in San Juan province. But as the special charms of Barolo and Barbaresco are inceasingly appreciated around the world, it is unlikely that growers will give up hope of making great Nebbiolo outside Italy.