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Apples for Jam

Apples for Jam

By Tessa Kiros

Published 2010

Thank you Giovanni (Popsi) for your love and trust, and to my mice Yasmine (Mini) and Cassia (Cha-cha) — the pearls in my life — and to cousins Anais and Daniel for the fun always. Thank you Tanja (Ludi) and Nicolas (Nin) for our colourful and varied childhood memories. To mom and dad for being the best.

To Kay for your insight and trust, to Jo and Jane for your incredible generosity in time and soul, and to Juliet and Diana, Sarah, Inca — and all the team at Murdoch who helped to carry this book to the end of the rainbow. Thank you nonna Wilma and nonno Mario — I will always walk next to you with a basket to collect bits and pieces. To aunt Julietta and aunt Paola and all those who helped me to gather recipes, watered my ideas, gave me your own flowers and answered thousands of questions. I thank you for your enthusiasm: Richard, Sue, Lisa, Ella, Julia, Fabio, Luca, Luisa, Giacomo, Angela, Caterina, Paolo, Paola, Barbara, Andrea, Alessandro, Francesca, Anabelle, Adam, Peta, Artemis, Nikki, Anette, Kiki, Maria, Evelyn, Jem, Patrizia, Toni, Sylvana, Mariella, Agnese, Harriet, Iria, Alexia, Bernard, Alan, Gill, Kristen, Jo, Didi, Ioanna and Nina.