Recipes for Life

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Apples for Jam

Apples for Jam

By Tessa Kiros

Published 2010

I have collected these recipes over the years. This is food for families, for young people, for old people, for children, for the child in all... for life. Some are recipes I remember from my own childhood, others are the food I want to cook now for my family.
I have looked in the hide-and-seek places of children and tried to find four-leaf clovers; dug through the colouring boxes of summer and winter and found many treasures. This is about whispering advice to a sister, swapping recipes over fences, sharing crumbs on a train with a stranger. I am passing on those things that I wish to know from people — the very stuff that makes me smile and puts a twinkle in my eye. The things that we hold, together with emergency cookies, in our apron pockets — that we take to bed with us at night. The knowing and unknowing at that moment just before we close our eyes, when we wonder what we did all day, and if what we did do was right.