115. 1st Lesson General Ignorance of the Poor in Cooking

Rub an ox cheek (middle size, or half a large one) with four teaspoonfuls of salt and one of pepper; put it into the iron pot, with four quarts of cold water; set it on the fire to boil; remove it then to the side, and simmer gently for three hours after it begins to boil. Skim off the fat, which will do for puddings, and, at the expiration of the time, nearly three quarts of very strong gravy, in addition to the meat properly done and tender, will be found in the pot. A gill of colouring is an improvement to the look of the broth. A head of celery, or some leaves of it, or onions, &c., may be added in boiling. Put the head on a dish, and serve the soup separately, with bread in it.

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