Visit to the Crystal Palace

Dearest Eloise,—I was very much disappointed on my arrival in London that you were unable, through illness, to meet me at the station, as I need not tell you how charmed I should have been to embrace you, after nearly fifteen months’ absence, and verbally thank you for your more than punctual correspondence.

My first visit, after my arrival in this monster metropolis, was far from being a mournful one, such as I have been used to in my rusticating rambles. No, my dear, I had seen all its “dark side” of life before. It was to that fairy land and palace at Sydenham, which, in my estimation, is a continuation of the “Arabian Nights.” It would be impossible for me to describe this wonder of the nineteenth century. I might almost say that it would be giving to every one a description of his own property, as it is the People’s Palace; and, no doubt, every one will, if possible, go as often as convenient to get a sight of his own property, when they will be as charmed as I was.