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Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

By A D Livingston

Published 2010

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As pointed out in Chapter One, salt fish has been very important to the world’s expanding population. During the Middle Ages and later, a great commerce developed. The nations of Europe rose and fell by their control of the herring fishery of the North Sea. Later, salt cod from Newfoundland and New England became very important.
In addition to preservation, another reason for salting fish was to reduce its weight. Fresh fish are mostly water, and the salting process draws out a good part of it. In fact, salting and drying reduces the overall weight of fish by as much as 80 percent. The volume is also reduced. This fact was important to anyone transporting fish by mule train, sailboat, or dogsled.