Old Dominion Pickled Herrings

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Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

By A D Livingston

Published 2010

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Here’s an interesting cure that provides a method of taking the fish out of the water and putting them into the brine without having to waste time gutting or cleaning them, which makes it a good technique for curing fish that are taken in large numbers. The method is quoted in full from Mary Randolph’s The Virginia Housewife, first published in 1860. The words “brine left of your winter stock for beef” refer, of course, to the brine left over from salt-curing beef; if this sounds just too frugal, remember that salt was harder to come by those days. Of course, the modern practitioner might prefer to use fresh brine. (If not, see the Old Virginia Corned Beef cure.)