Freezer Storage

Appears in
The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine

By French Culinary Institute

Published 2021

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  • All food items to be frozen must be tightly wrapped in plastic film followed by aluminum foil, packaged freezer bags, or sealed in Cryovac packaging to prevent freezer burn.
  • All stored items should be labeled and dated.
  • Frozen food must be kept completely frozen at-18°C (0°F) or lower until ready for use.
  • All freezers must be equipped with an outside thermometer so that the freezer temperature can be read without opening the door or entering the holding box.
  • Frozen food must be stored to assure cold air circulation on all sides. This means that food should not be stored directly on the freezer floor.
  • Frozen food must be thawed under refrigeration or under cool, running water. Never thaw foods at room temperature because, at some point, this method will place the thawing product in the food danger zone.