Basic Stuffings

Appears in
The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine

By French Culinary Institute

Published 2021

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Stuffing Composition Use
Mushroom stuffing (duxelles à farcir) Mushrooms, shallots, veal stock, tomatoes, fresh breadcrumbs, white wine To stuff vegetables, especially eggplant, onion, summer squash, artichoke bottoms, and onions
American-style stuffing (farce américaine) Smoked streaky bacon, onion, fresh breadcrumbs To stuff pigeons and baby chickens
Fish mousseline (farce de poisson) Pike or whiting, ocean perch, egg white, heavy cream To stuff fish, paupiettes of sole, terrines, ballottines
Toasted forcemeat (farce à gratin) Pork fat, chicken livers, shallots, cognac Spread on croutons as a garnish for poultry and some game bird dishes
Veal or chicken mousseline (farce mousseline de veau or de volaille) Veal or poultry, egg white, heavy cream To stuff poultry, to make quenelles, terrines
Various stuffings (farces diverses) Pork or veal trimmings along with the ingredients that determine the name of the stuffing Terrines, pâtés, galantines, ballottines