Fish and Crayfish

Remarks: It is important to assure that the fish is fresh because only fresh fish is tasty and healthy. If the flesh around the gills is red, the fish is fresh, but if the flesh is very dark or pale, the fish should not be used. The eyes must be whole and clear, not cloudy and sunken. The skin must be firm. Any fish should be dis-carded as unfit if, when slitting the fish lengthwise from head to tail, the flesh falls away from the bones. Fish should not be killed until it is needed; instead, keep it in fresh water, changing the water frequently. If it is impossible to keep the fish in water for a long time, kill the fish with a blow on the head, slit it from head to tail, and clean it immediately. Rub it inside and out with fine salt and even with some black pepper, cover the fish, and set it aside in a cold place. Before using the fish, wash it thoroughly and dry with a towel, especially if the fish will be used for a pirog. When cleaning the fish, remove the gall bladder carefully.