Dough for Pirogs, Pirozhki, and Pâtés

Testo dlja pirogov, pirozhkov i pashtetov

Appears in

A Gift to Young Housewives

By Elena Molokhovets

Published 1992

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Remarks: The important rules for making dough are the following: If the dough is prepared for fast days, use approximately 1 lb fine wheat flour for each glass of water with yeast. More precise instructions are impossible since some flours are better than others, some are moister, and some are drier. If butter and eggs are added to the dough, use less than 1 glass of water for each lb of flour. 1½ lbs of flour is sufficient for a pirog for 6–8 persons since this amount of dough is enough for 8 large pieces or 15–18 small pirozhki. For each lb of flour use at least 1 zolotnik dry yeast. Dissolve the yeast in ¼ glass water mixed with 1 teaspoon flour, let the mixture rise slightly, and then prepare the dough. If the dough must be prepared quickly, dilute the yeast in warm water and after 15 minutes, prepare the dough. If the dough is needed early in the morning, start the yeast the night before. Do this by mixing the yeast with flour and cold water and letting it stand overnight in a heated* room, so that it will not turn sour.