1487 Multicolored jelly*

Zhele neskol’kikh tsvetov

This jelly is made of 2, 3, or 4 colors, using half mousse or half blancmange. But these varicolored jellies must not be too firmly congealed, because the layers may separate and slide off each other on the platter.
Jelly of 3 colors
  • a) Red jelly
  • b) White blancmange
  • c) Chocolate or coffee blancmange
Multicolored jellies
  • a) Raspberry jelly
  • b) White blancmange
  • c) Cornflower jelly
  • d) White blancmange
  • e) Lemon jelly
  • f) White blancmange
  • g) Cornflower jelly, etc.
Blancmange of 2 colors