Pots and Pans

Appears in

Honey from a Weed

By Patience Gray

Published 1986

The island Greek batterie de cuisine: a large black pot with lid, a sieve, a frying pan, a wire grill, a wooden spoon, a pocket knife, an iron tripod and a chimney hook.

The nomadic cook’s equipment, packed in a large grape basket and carted on muleback up the mule-track to La Barozza above Carrara: a tinned copper sole pan; an aluminium marmite with lid; a tinned copper saucepan with lid; an enamel milk pan; a glazed earthenware bean-pot; a glazed earthenware casserole with projecting handle (padellap); an earthenware gratin dish; a colander; a cheese grater; a perforated ladle; a coffee grinder and a Neapolitan coffee-making device (napoletanap) wooden salt and pepper mills; wooden spoons and forks; 2 French chef’s knives; a mandoline (slicer); a funnel, a palette knife, a ladle; a polenta board and a chopping board; a wire mesh mat; a double wire grill with handles; a cake tin, a mixing bowl, a large close-grained wooden mortar and pestle. I was lucky to find an abandoned marble mortar at the top of the track.